The Tigra iPhone 5 bike mount
Tigra iPhone 5 bike mountiPhone 5 mounted to your bike handlebarsThe included kickstandContinue using your iPhone headphones even while mounted insideExtra case that is includedThe Tigra iPhone 5 bike mount is completely waterproofMounted to your handlebarsThe mounting mechanism that stays on your bikeSecure mountingTigra iPhone 5 boxiPhone 5 bike mount rear viewUsing the kickstand in the rainYou can now charge your iPhone 5 while it is inside the mount

iPhone 5S/5 bike mount

5.00 out of 5
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The completely redesigned Tigra iPhone bike mount, allows you to securely mount your iPhone 5 and 5S to your bike handlebars and keep it completely waterproof.

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Product Description

Securely clip your iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S  to your bike handlebars. Supports Touch ID.

Completely waterproof and safe: Drop it in a bucket

You can drop the Tigra iPhone 5/5S bike mount in to a bucket and water won’t get in. Therefore, it is designed for even the worst of the British weather.

The mount is also completely secure. It snaps shut using two heavy duty arms across the side. Once your iPhone is securely inside, it’s going to be protected. The new safety lock design, comes with an additional lock screw, prevents case from falling out of bracket even under toughest road conditions and impacts. Bring on the potholes!

Pocket friendly design

Unlikely previous versions of the Tigra mount, this one has been completely redesigned to offer a slimline feel, that you can fit in your pocket. It weighs just 174g when the iPhone is not inside.

Use the kick stand

Using the kick stand attached to the iPhone 5/5s bike mount, you can position your iPhone at a good viewing angle. This makes this iPhone bike mount useful, even when you are off the bike.

Continue to use your iPhone 5/5s and from your handlebars

The touch screen remains operable even when the iPhone is inside the bike mount. Therefore, when you stop at the traffic light you can check your Strava stats or plot a new route. You can also still access the home button and wake button even while your iPhone is inside the case.

The headphone port can also be accessed, but do note that when in use you affect the waterproofing. It can also be dangerous to cycle without all the senses you are used to having.

Charge your iPhone while it is inside the case *New!*

The new edition of the Tigra iPhone 5/5s bike mount allows you to charge your iPhone even while it is inside the case. That means you can use it for much longer.

Can fit nearly all handlebars

The mounting bracket can fit bars/stems of 20-45mm diameter. This should fit 99% of bikes.

Quick release for when you reach your destination

The quick release mechanism, means that you can unclip the bike mount when you reach your destination.

Listen to turn by turn directions

If you are using an app such as BikeHub (free), you can still hear directions coming from the speakers despite the unit being water tight. This is thanks to a sound boost technology, that diverts speaker sound to the front.

Use it even if you’ve got a slimline case

Even if you are using a slimline case for your iPhone to keep it safe on a day to day basis, you can still place it inside the mount without the hassle of removing the case. If you don’t have a case for daily use, a stylish easy-grip polycarbonate case is included (use is optional).

Rotate it

Just like in the previous best selling version of the Tigra bike mount, there is 360 degree rotation.

Use it as a safety camera

You can still record using the iPhone camera, even while it is inside the mount.

Included in the package

  • Cradle with form-fitting silicone lining
  • Easy grip polycarbonate case for daily use
  • New universal mounting bracket
  • Allen key for fixing bracket on bar
  • Additional rubber pad for increasing bracket grip
  •  Headphone cable passage plug

2 reviews for iPhone 5S/5 bike mount

  1. Dave Lucas
    5 out of 5


    I’ve been looking for a waterproof iPhone 5 case/mount for some time and this ticked all the boxes – waterproof; rotation; security; ease of use and price.

    Setting up was easy, and even after some fine tuning of position, took less than 5 minutes. I decided to mount it on the stem, and even with limited space the mount fits well into this area. The allen key supplied is also a nice touch to service.
    I tested the waterproof-ability without the phone (just in case) but placed kitchen towel into the case to detect water. Even after a good dunk and a swill in the sink, not a drop of water came through, not even through the headphone port.
    The case is secure and the iPhone fits very snuggly into it, without being too tight. Taking it in and out of the case is quick and easy.

    I’m amazed at how well the touch and sound functions work, and there is no change of quality to the rear camera. The front camera is a little fuzzy, but I rarely use it anyway.
    The secure fit of the case onto the mount is brilliant, it doesn’t budge, even on bouncy roads, and the rear screw gives extra confidence.

    Everything I was looking for and more in a case mount, and at an amazing price.

  2. Denny Paterson
    5 out of 5


    I ordered one of these on Sunday 17th and it was delivered on Thursday 21st so thumbs up for promptness. It fitted very easy on to my bike and I had to go try it. It worked, what more can I say. Easy and simple and means I can make the most out of my phone on the bike.

    My only area of concern it the front screen cover feels like it could be easily damaged. This might not be anything to worry about though and is possibly me just fretting.

    All in, nice kit and good service. I would use London Cyclist again.

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