Samsung Galaxy S2 (SII) bike mount

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Mount your Samsung Galaxy S2 to your bike handlebars.

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Product Description

For following directions and tracking your cycling you need a good bike mount. But what should a good bike mount have?

  • It should be waterproof. Check
  • It shouldn’t feel like it’s about to fling your expensive phone into the air. Check
  • It should allow you to still see and use the screen without any problems. Check
  • It should be quick to dismount. Check
  • It should be easy to install without any additional tools. Check
  • It should make you coffee. Errr..

The mount that ticks all the boxes is the Tigra mount for Samsung Galaxy S II.

You can fit it on your stem or on the handlebars. The mount will fit most handlebars and I’ve tested it on a road bike, mountain bike and hybrid bike with no problems. The only user that may have problems is someone with Tribars. If you don’t know what that is, then I strongly doubt your bike has Tribars!

I’m going to level with you here. There is one downside to this mount. It is quite bulky so you can’t throw it in your pocket afterwards. Aside from that it can’t be faulted.

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1 review for Samsung Galaxy S2 (SII) bike mount

  1. Simon
    1 out of 5


    I bought this product, unpacked it and even didn’t risk to have a single ride with it. Visible gaps at the seals, tried to keep it on the light shower (without the phone inside) and of course the water got inside – it means it’s not waterpoof. The mounting mechanism wobles, overall plastic looks very poor. The only thing I liked is the screen membrane, which looks having anti-glare properties.

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