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Samsung Galaxy S3 bike mount

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The Samsung Galaxy SIII bike mount is completely waterproof. It gives you a secure way to mount your phone to your bike so you can follow directions and track your cycling on the bright screen.

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Product Description

Combine the Samsung Galaxy S3 with the Tigra bike mount to turn your phone in to the perfect bike computer.

Follow directions

Heading to your friends house? Tap in the address in to Google maps and easily follow the directions on the bright screen using the GPS.

Want to find a route more suitable for cyclists?

Use free apps such as BikeHub for Android to discover quiet back routes for cyclists and avoid the noisy traffic.

Track your cycling

Push yourself using apps such as Strava and monitor your performance from your handlebars.

Waterproof: Throw it in a bucket!

Rain – do your worst! The Samsung Galaxy SIII bike mount is completely waterproof to IPX4 standard. This essentially means you can throw this mount in to a bucket and your Samsung Galaxy S3 will be fine. This is pretty essential for our UK weather.

Strong and secure

With the Tigra mount you don’t have to worry about your phone coming off your bike. The Samsung Galaxy SIII is held inside the mount with two ultra strong clips. The mount itself clips on to the bike using a safe double locking mechanism.

Use your phone and your headphones

While you are stopped at the traffic lights, you can use the touch screen on your Samsung Galaxy S3 through the mount. You can also access the headphone port.

Use it as an action camera

You can still take pictures and video with your Samsung Galaxy SIII while it is in the mount. This means you can double it up as an action camera. Normally buying an action camera separately would cost you over £100.

Fits all handlebars

The universal mounting bracket fits all handlebars from 20 to 45mm diameter. This means it should be compatible with 99% of bikes.

Quickly unclip when you reach your destination

You can quickly release your phone and put it in your pocket once you reach your destination. The mount has a slim, flat pack body so it doesn’t take up too much space.

Twist it 360 degrees

Use your S3 in any way you choose. The Tigra bike mount twists 360 degrees.

Optional: Add a battery pack

We’ve also got a battery pack version of the Tigra BikeConsole S3 bike mount.


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